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News Data Network is a trusted source of lifestyle news content. Broadcast personalities, producers, journalists and editors rely on NDN for entertaining content for their unique audiences. With years of combined experience, News Data Network knows how to inform and engage audiences with topical news stories, celebrity guests and industry experts who bring a schedule to life.

Our team is made up of journalists, PR executives and individuals who have worked in radio and TV for years. They have developed a repertoire of broadcast contacts and understand which stories are suited to which presenter or station. Through relationship building, they have become a trusted source of news across broadcast channels, working with the media from pitch through delivery, to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

Look at Radio, Television and PSA below to see how we can help keep your audiences engaged.


televisionTV has enjoyed an upsurge in popularity because of new technologies. On-demand shows, live streaming and social interaction has all supported the growth of television as viewers enjoy a wider range of television content broadcast across a wide variety of channels.

We offer TV shows creative content including b-roll, filming opportunities of events, press launches, spokespeople for their sofas and case studies where appropriate. Building on and maintaining relationships with television journalists is an important part of what we do.  In order to understand the needs of TV programs, NDN is regularly in touch with producers and planners to ensure we provide interesting content that is engaging for their viewers.

Television is becoming a rising part of the 4media Group’s outlet and we have a growing team who are hungry to get engaging editorial content out there.  Behind the scenes, we have a team who are in regular contact with the TV press, ensuring we are on the lookout for stories that will appeal to them and spokespeople who can help.  We have a production team who are always on-hand to film client events and create exciting visual content to roll out to television and online platforms.

To support 4media Group, we create a hook we know will attract the world of television with our clients’ stories.  As a creative agency, we make sure we are up-to-date with (if not ahead of) all the latest trends, to make sure we create editorial content that stands out from our competitors.


radioMore than 90% of the population listens to the radio; many listen on digital devices and online. Despite all the new media channels, radio has become more relevant. We provide radio personalities with engaging topical content which is, regional and has a unique editorial appeal. The team at NDN book schedules to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Whether you’re looking for radio audio features, competitions, outside broadcasts or podcasts, News Data Network works alongside 4media Group to deliver the best editorial features supported by the latest broadcast infrastructure.


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